Somerset Jane was started in 2009, fresh out of college with a desire to create timelessly modern, good quality ladies wear. Somerset being my maiden name and Jane being my second, gave a strong personal starting point for the business. In the many changes since, I have come to describe my aesthetic as minimalistic and often inspired by effortless street style and feminine strength, bound by clean lines and a subtle yet ever present androgyny.

After many years, opening stores, showing at South African Fashion Weeks and selling wholesale to one of SA’s largest online retailers, I put my entrepreneurial goals aside to make way for an opportunity to work as a stylist for Mrp, a large retail group in SA.

While a lot of my time there was spent travelling on photo shoots and having little time to pursue the label I had put on hold, I found a new outlet in the somewhat smaller operation of making clay earrings. I have found accessories to be a more carefree, non-commital yet confident way to display personal style and immensely enjoy the instant gratification of hand-to-substance to fashion statement that moulding these pieces affords me as a designer. They are the playful side to my more serious and structured garment designs and I plan to continue playing within the spectrum of the two.

In early 2019 I relocated to live with my husband in Devon in the UK and continue to pursue all aspects of my career and passions.

You can find my online portfolio here.



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