Autumn/Winter 2018

After a slight break, a career change (slash addition), I am back with my Autumn/Winter collection. It’s small because – Winter – and why shouldn’t it be? I wanted to make the perfect season less shirts, the comfiest high wasters, and a dress that come any old day, would have it made. I believe that’s just what I’ve done, so voila! Read on..


My new SJ gal is my new pal Al, and together with her we had a super rad time pulling these looks off and she sure made them shine. Thanks to her, my new love of cobalt, trusty Reebok sneaks and my blocks communal garage door – the new has arrived.

It’s black and navy and cobalt blue, pretty much only – you know my monotony by now. It’s all linens and cottons, the kind of fabrics you’ll really want to wear, in the colours you’ll always feel safest in. With safe brought up, I wanted these pieces to be an armor, a sheild, a show of strength. There’s nothing like feeling untouchable and great clothes can do that. The proportions are crucial in creating these looks and the safe space where the fashion heart lives. Volume is bold, but tamed by a tight wrist or feminine waist. This balance was my main goal here.


I’ve wandered a little from SJ being my sole focus and have been working as a stylist at Mrp. I have cut down my list of stockists to what I can handle, but all items will be available always, directly through me.

You’ve got my details so holler..

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