Blue On Blue

IMG_5274 (2)So perhaps it is no surprise that I now live and work from Durban. What would be a surprise is if you saw me in my new day-to-day. It’s a fabulous climate here, I look out my window at the ocean every day and really I still have on ‘rose coloured-holiday mentality’ goggles.. Behind these goggles though, is a somewhat saddened expression, brewing, or at least begrudging the loss of some of my fashion faves.

It’s not essential to change one’s style according to your surroundings, but when your surroundings are hot and humid, casual and beachy, it does evoke the inkling to change. Which is hard, when in my soul, right down deep to my core, I am a fashion girl. And for me that means as far as possible, never compromising on personal style according to outside factors or general norms. Still, I’ve had to make a way to feel great about dressing down, if only for the sake of the challenge and a little for comfort too, and have found my own fool proof fabu-form, (that’s fabulous-uniform, eeek, look at me makin’ up words!) Blue on blue baby! Blue cotton shirting and blue denim jeans. It’s really so my new favourite thing. It has that casual, classic, minimal, ease but the shirting still says put-together, you know? Millions have clearly gone before but I don’t care, this is my new reality and I’m gonna shout about it. Here I’m wearing Somerset Jane’s Blair shirt, recently shown at SA Fashion Week this past March. It will be available in Blue Chambray and in White cotton come August, ready for Spring. I just couldn’t wait that long, so take this as a minor preview. I paired it with my most recent denim purchase, my Levis 501’s. The non stretch high waist classic, naturally..

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