The Adora Shirt

IMG_5021 (2)The Adora shirt from Autumn/Winter ’17 comes from meager beginnings, the sort of beginnings that all the best things do.. And in all it’s surprising simplicity I’ve had to ask myself why season after season, my own personal favourites and the pieces that I jump at reinventing, are always the ones that nobody really writes home about. Well I’m writing home now!  Here at SJ we do all our own sampling. Meaning anything you see on the runway at Fashion Week or any new design in between is made at a cosy home studio, kind of like home birthing, if you will. Without the water bath. Duh. It’s supposed to be great for mum and baby and I’d say the same for designer and sample. They are nurtured and cared for with all the design, craftsmanship and loving care they need, so far as our machinery can take them.

You see, we don’t have a button hole machine and thus we just don’t do button holes. Perhaps in the future if absolutely necessary, but until now our hinderances have become my design crutch. It really is super duper the amount of ideas and twists and turns that a garment can take once you restrict yourself to certain features. So b-i-n-g-o, a wrap to eliminate buttons – genius. Chuckle.

I feel like sometimes I just go around snuffing out peoples grand ideas of what it is to design clothing. It’s not my intention to do so, it’s just my need to be real. This rocket science artistry needs a dose of reality every now and then. Continue chuckle.

The shirt is available online here at spree and also at The Space in Gateway, Umghlanga Durban.

Oh and side note – I’ve totally taken to these skinny neck scarves come chokers. They are the comfort version of the chocker trend I’m thinking. Or the non sexy, I’m solid in the fact that I may look like a great aunt in a western film, alternative to neck gear. I’m all about them. Big thumbs up.

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