Mid-Season Fashion Flip Out

IMG_4249 (2)So over this season already!! In the midst of fulfilling Spring/Summer orders (so dying to wear this collection, like, yesterday) and finalising designs for Winter 2017, I can’t even deal with the now and the next, bring on Spring! Last week, in a fit of frustration and the deathly cold that is my home, I yanked out an old favourite to bandage up the wounds of my Winter fashion flip out..The SJ Wrap Coat really is a fave of mine and I tend to reinvent it every season. This one in particular is from A/W2015 and as much as I love it I find it super hard to wear. Why you ask? Not because it isn’t fabulous but because I can’t stand coats in general.. I have an issue with dressing for the cold. I put together a great outfit every morning, stand in front of the the mirror, and cry for the poor pieces that have to be over-shadowed and snuffed out by big bulky coats/scarves/jumpers/jackets whatever. I know I’m being a bit ridiculous, there are great versions of outer wear out there, I just really don’t take to them. I long for Summer and the days of a one piece outfit or basic shirts and lightweight trousers with the light airiness just light enough to float you to the top of the world! I might be getting carried away here, but for real, can these coats stop holding me back!

Anyway, cold story short, I’m over the season and all it’s restricting outer wear, but like you, I do have to keep warm in the biting and bitter Joburg chill. So by necessity I did, and here is how I wrapped up my mid-season fashion depression..

IMG_4254 (2) IMG_4277 (2) IMG_4273 (2) IMG_4275 (2) IMG_4290 (2) IMG_4298 (2) IMG_4306 (2) IMG_4312 (2) IMG_4330 (3)

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