Autumn/Winter 2018

After a slight break, a career change (slash addition), I am back with my Autumn/Winter collection. It’s small because – Winter – and why shouldn’t it be? I wanted to make the perfect season less shirts, the comfiest high wasters, and a dress that come any old day, would have it made. I believe that’s just what I’ve done, so voila! Read on..


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Blue On Blue

IMG_5274 (2)So perhaps it is no surprise that I now live and work from Durban. What would be a surprise is if you saw me in my new day-to-day. It’s a fabulous climate here, I look out my window at the ocean every day and really I still have on ‘rose coloured-holiday mentality’ goggles.. Behind these goggles though, is a somewhat saddened expression, brewing, or at least begrudging the loss of some of my fashion faves. Continue reading “Blue On Blue”

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The Adora Shirt

IMG_5021 (2)The Adora shirt from Autumn/Winter ’17 comes from meager beginnings, the sort of beginnings that all the best things do.. And in all it’s surprising simplicity I’ve had to ask myself why season after season, my own personal favourites and the pieces that I jump at reinventing, are always the ones that nobody really writes home about. Well I’m writing home now!   Continue reading “The Adora Shirt”

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Lightening Up

IMG_4872It was just recently that I was asked for new stock from a fabulous space in Parkhurst (it’s Ants by the way), who already has some SJ pieces, but needed some in keeping with their new themed installation – Live Light. In the sea of black that is usually our Somerset Jane girl.. I thought hmmmmm… Continue reading “Lightening Up”

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Live in a World of Wanda


wp 8 (2)Thinking back I’m not quite sure how the name for these pants came to me. I never used to name my designs anyway. That was until my clothing factory complained during production that a mere description of the style (perhaps one-sided wrap pants in this case), gets confusing and they need a more memorable reference. So here we have it, Wanda pants. I did once have a boyfriend who’s mum’s name was Wanda.. No that’s not it. I’m gonna go with the reason that’s simply because, it’s a ‘wanda’ I didn’t design them sooner ‘cos they’re straight up fabulous – insert smiley, blushing emoticon..

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Mid-Season Fashion Flip Out

IMG_4249 (2)So over this season already!! In the midst of fulfilling Spring/Summer orders (so dying to wear this collection, like, yesterday) and finalising designs for Winter 2017, I can’t even deal with the now and the next, bring on Spring! Last week, in a fit of frustration and the deathly cold that is my home, I yanked out an old favourite to bandage up the wounds of my Winter fashion flip out.. Continue reading “Mid-Season Fashion Flip Out”

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That’s a Wrap

IMG_4207 (3)paint splash - Copy (3) - Copy

“It’s more than just a dress; it’s a spirit. The wrap dress was an interesting cultural phenomenon, and one that has lasted 30 years. What is so special about it is that it’s actually a very traditional form of clothing. It’s like a toga, it’s like a kimono, without buttons, without a zipper.” – Diane von Furstenberg

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Open Up

OLIVIA SHIRTIt might be chilly Winter but somehow, even still, the bare shoulder remains. With no complaint from SJ at all! We loved our Olivia dress so very much we hopped on the trend again with the shirt version. I love a peek-a-boo moment and it’s easiest when it’s the shoulder being shown. Cut outs are great, but not so much when you’ve gotta cut out on your diet.. Continue reading “Open Up”

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